Wednesday 4 November 2015

MPs Antoinette Sandbach and Will Quince speak out on Neonatal death and Stillbirth

I watched the interview of MP Antoinette Sandbach on Channel four news last night, and was moved.

Antoinette Sandbach relives the harrowing moment her five day old son died. Counselling was provided by the Alder centre as the hospital did not have a counselling service, and it was a lifeline for her.

MP Will Quince also speaks about the moment his baby was stillborn and how he was in no way prepared for the shock of his wife giving birth to a lifeless baby.

He feels is is essential that all hospitals have a dedicated bereavement room, so that the grieving couple are away from women who are in labour.

I think it is great that Antoinette Sandbach and Will Quince have spoken out. It is not easy sharing personal experiences that are  traumatic. I recognise that not everyone can, and wants to speak out. However I find that it is the personal stories, that stay with me, and also know from my work, that they can help other people in similar situations.

Antoinette Sandbach and Will Quince have highlighted the gaps in services that are provided within the NHS. They both hope that they will be able to urge the government to change the way services are provided.

We cannot change the outcome,but how people are cared for makes a difference to their experience in hospital, and helps the grieving process.

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