Sunday 27 September 2015

The moment they knew their marriages were over

I read about Lisa taking revenge on her cheating husband. in the paper this week. It seems that this was the only way she could communicate with her husband, and wanted her message to have maximum impact, as it seems like she got to the point of no return. I wondered what strategies she may have used to try and communicate with her husband in the past.

The Huffington post has an interesting article on men revealing the moment they knew their marriage was over.

This is Larry Bilotta  view on signs your marriage is over.

I see couples for person centred couples counselling for a number of reasons. Couples usually approach me when there is a communication breakdown, which could be caused by infidelity, death of a child, overpowering in laws,  financial change and many other reasons. Some couples are able to save their relationships, and some couples realise it is time to move on,

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